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"Impossible to put down! This fast-paced thriller had me guessing until the end!" - Jennifer at The Riveted Readers

Someone is murdering passengers on the express train to LA.

He’s killed once already. It’s up to Detective Julia Sawyer to stop him before another innocent man dies, but her only clues are a severed ear and a one-way ticket. With limited resources and a madman running amok, It’s a race against time to find him—and his victims—before the commuter train becomes hell on wheels. 

The hunt is on, but can she find the killer without a body? 

An intense, gripping, edge-of-your seat thriller full of twists. It’s half the length, but it’s got all the thrills. Fans of James Patterson and Robert Dugoni will love this page-turner. 

Get ​​​​Wine and Die!

Welcome to Napa Valley. Eat, drink, and die.​​​

A string of murders strike California's Wine Country, and the police have no clues except for a hit list with no names. Only descriptions. It’s a long list, and the killer is only halfway through. Some are poisoned. Some are bludgeoned to death. But each victim shared something more sinister--they kept a deadly secret.

It’s up to Detective Julia Sawyer to find out what it is, but discovering his secret might be deadlier than chasing a serial killer.

Can she save the people on the list before it’s too late? Will Jules get to the bottom of the truth, or will she drown in the conspiracy?

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Rachel Hargrove is a 30-year-old Seattleite who's spent her life with a pen in one hand and a book in the other. When she turned 26, she decided to give up her career in tech and dive headfirst into writing full-time. One Way Ticket is her first foray into writing thrillers. She loves to write fun, fast-paced thrillers that are impossible to put down.
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