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I took my sister’s life. Someone else killed her.

Octavia wants a clean slate. She’s sick of the negative numbers in her bank account and relentless creditors. Most of all, she’s tired of stalking her twin sister, who doesn’t appreciate her perfect husband and silver spoon lifestyle.

Everyone in Octavia’s family agrees: vain, high-maintenance Clementine and her techie husband, James, are the power couple of Silicon Valley.

Octavia’s jealousy would consume her if she didn’t have a plan. When Clementine unexpectedly dies, Octavia jumps at the opportunity. She’ll wear her sister’s wedding ring and slip into Clementine’s shoes, assuming her twin’s life. 

For Octavia, living as Clementine is like a dream. She has the house, the husband, and all the luxuries within their gated community. Before long, Octavia is pregnant with James’ baby. Life couldn’t be better.

But skeletons from her sister’s past threaten to destroy everything Octavia has worked for…along with a gut-wrenching twist that exposes the first lie of her sister’s not-so-perfect life.

The truth will destroy a family held together by lies.

My Sister's Ashes is a gripping psychological thriller coming February 2018!
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Rachel Hargrove is from Montreal, Canada. She earned a BA in English and Comparative Literature at San Jose State University and worked as a data analyst in a biotechnology company. When she turned 26, she left her career in tech to write fiction full-time. Rachel now lives in Seattle. 

Rachel’s upcoming novel, My Sister’s Ashes, will be released in February 2018.
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